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How To Create & Transform Your Life Using The Powerful Tool Already Within You, Called Choice

Within Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain has developed a unique energy process for change in you, called "The Energetic Synthesis of Being." Dain has a completely different approach to transformation and creating abundance for the lifestyle you want. Are you ready to start leading your life with consciousness?

In this SPECIAL OFFER for New Transformation Strategies Subscribers, world-renown Access Consciousness™ Facilitator Dr. Dain Heer is going to show you how to use the power of choice so you can be a leader of your life which allows you to tap into and recognize your own abilities for a fast and truly dynamic energetic transformation into total abundance. Being a leader means living your life from the consciousness that you are and the awareness of what will create the result you desire. What if now is the time for you to choose stepping up? Dr. Dain Heer will guide and show you how, starting today.

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Choice. The Source of Living. Teleclass Audio Calls.
MP3 Audio Download
- ($400.00 value)

Would you be willing to start to truly explore CHOOSING? Choosing consciously. Choosing for you!

This is the first time the three first calls in this amazing series is offered as a special. This is a start of truly changing the way you choose to create your life!

Yet, the willingness to choose is the beginning to committing to your own living! It is what is required to be the leader of your own life. It is the beginning of you having the relationships you are looking for, the financial situation you desire and the sex you have been longing for... It is the beginning of you being you and changing the world. What if you are the difference this planet requires? And what if now is the time for you to choose stepping up?

Choice. The Source of Living - Processes. Listen While You Sleep.
MP3 Audio Download
- ($150.00 value)

To dynamically increase the change from the teleclass, this verbal processing download will assist you in starting to choose in ease.

You can listen in your car, while you sleep, or when you're working out…. The more you listen, the more you will know what CHOICE is really about and things will start changing dynamically in your living – it's that easy!

Is Now the Time. The Elements of Creating Your Life Class. Teleclass Audio Calls. MP3 Audio Download - ($150.00 value)

Do you know there is time for a change? In your life? In a world? What if there is a completely different paradigm for creating that as a reality now? And as you are starting to BE that in your life, you become the inspiration for others and change people around you. That is the way change in the world occurs! We inspire each other, we show each other what is truly possible, beyond the limitation most people have bought as true.

We do that by being the leader in your life, whether it matches anyone else's reality or not. By being who we truly be! This class will introduce you to the elements that will allow you to start functioning as the leader of your life -- question, choice, possibility and contribution. It'll give you the tools to start creating and being something different here and now! Are you ready for that?

Is Now the Time. The Elements of Creating Your Life Class - Processes. Listen While You Sleep. MP3 Audio Download - ($97.00 value)

To dynamically increase the change from the class above, this verbal processing will assist you in starting to get more clarity in this area of your life.

You can listen while you walk in the woods, sleep or when you're working out…. The more you listen, the more your change and clarity will show up – it's that easy!

Talking to Bodies, Asking Them to Heal.
MP3 Audio Download
- ($100.00 value)

In this special class Dr. Dain Heer gives you the basic tools and processes to start talking to yours and other’s body in a way you’ve never thought possible.

Could you imagine your body being your best friend, able to change quickly and with total ease --- no matter what your age, body condition or health issue? What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life? What if yours and other’s bodies actually talked to you constantly and you just haven’t had the tools to hear them until now?

Talking to Bodies - Processes. Listen While You Sleep.
MP3 Audio Download
- ($97.00 value)

To dynamically increase the change from the tutorial above, this is a download of verbal processing that will allow you to increase your awareness of, and communication with, yours and other's bodies.

You can listen in your car, while you sleep, when you working out…. The more you listen, the more your awareness and capacity will increase in this area – it's that easy!

The Energetic Synthesis of Being – the Beginning
Recorded Online Video Class - ($150.00 value)

This class is unlike anything else on the planet! In this signature class, Dr. Dain Heer invites you and everyone else present to know what you know and to start contributing to the true possibility of change, expansion and consciousness for yourself, everyone around you and the planet.

The Energetic Synthesis of Being is a unique way of working with energy, groups of people and their bodies simultaneously, created and facilitated by Dain.

During this Beginning Class, Dain works simultaneously with the beings and bodies in the class to create a space that allows the change you are asking for to come to be. In working with one, the whole class is invited to that difference. The result is an acoustical wave that invites a sense of peace and space that encompasses the class and contributes to a more conscious life and a more conscious planet. By choosing these classes, you are opening doors: doors to change, to awareness, and to a universe of oneness and consciousness.

You begin to be and receive energies you always knew were available but didn't have access to before. You'll discover you no longer have to hide you, divorce you, go against what works for you and what you know is true for you. By being these energies, by being you, you change everything; the planet, your life and everyone you come into contact with. What else is possible then? Would you be willing to come on the adventure and find out what that looks like for you?

"There has not been anything that produces this kind of change….the capacity to have a bigger and better life than I ever imagined…it is about having more of you." ~Marilyn

A Quick Guide to Start Using the Tools of Access Consciousness™
PDF Download

This PDF by the Team of Access Consciousness will quickly teach you how to use the very powerful tools of Access Consciousness.

Bonus: "The Kingdom of We" Audio Chapter.
MP3 Audio Download

Dr. Dain Heer reads Chapter on 14 from the book 'Being You, Changing the World. From the soon to be released audio version of Being You, Changing the World.

FREE EXTRA RESOURCES: For those who don't have these audios below already, please take an hour or so and listen before starting on everything else! This is an invitation and introduction to everything else…. May your exploring start!
Extra Resource #1: "Your Reality and the Free will Universe."
MP3 Audio Download

Dr. Dain Heer reads the Introduction and First Chapter of his book 'Being You, Changing
the World'.

Extra Resource #2:The Access Clearing Statement
MP3 Audio Download

One of the main tools in Access Consciousness, The Clearing Statement, explained by
Dr. Dain Heer.



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What Other People Are Experiencing With Dr. Dain's "Choosing To Create Your Life" Program:

"It has now been 6 months since your life changing package. What a roller-coaster 6 months it has been for me! I am now a nicer old lady and I live in a "new world". I am positive. I love myself. I have better relationships. I have a dream. I have plans. I have a future. I get things done. I have hope. I now even have some cash to spare at the end of the month and a real life savings account! All this is new! Wow! How does it get any better than this?" - Maryana "I have spent a great deal of my life feeling very uncomfortable about myself, very unsure of myself and making myself wrong at every available opportunity. The biggest thing I've noticed so far, is actually how much I really love life & living! How happy I truly am! How much energy & exuberance I actually have! I look about ten years younger than I did last week and I've been wondering what's possible now with all this energy I have! - Naomi
"There has not been anything that produces this kind of change….the capacity to have a bigger and better life than I ever imagined…it is about having more of you." - Marilyn "It's so beautiful I have so much gratitude in my heart for you & I remain in the lightness of Dain's being, oh, he made it so easy for me to let go & be … I have so much space in my life, I feel completely in the possibility of everything & anything." - Jacqueline
The freedom and expansion of awareness that was realized in my life, living, body, creative and generative capacities and universe from this one simple tool is beyond anything I could imagine. How does it get even better than this? - Nirmada "THANK YOU for your call on Intense JOY of Living. Simple tools I tend to forget and using them somewhere somehow deeply I do not think they could work. BUT THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!!! Like crazy!!!!!! Thank you for that. Really. Thank you for you!" - Beata
"Your video brought about a lot of laughter, tears, huge amounts of letting go about things you haven't even mentioned. And I've been so much more joyful since:-) I've even been playing with my 7-year old daughter Alexia and her friends at the school playground at drop-off and pick-up times! She's always been a happy child in general but she seems to be having more fun nowadays and I certainly get more hugs and "I love you, mom"'s – it's wonderful. I'm very grateful." - Sule "Wow, I just finished listening to your phenomenal audio book. I am 17 years old and have been practicing Access Consciousness in the past few months…. Just listening to your first chapter brought me to the new level of consciousness I always knew was possible, and feel more vibrant than ever! How does it get even better than that?" - Carly

"Even right now tears are running down my face in pure emotion. I can't begin to describe what has changed since I discovered you. The most important change is that I'm finding my self-confidence. The new me is trusting herself. I know now that I will find my way through life and I will find the way I can contribute and thrive and love and be the exuberant version of me I could never have dream of existed." - Anna

"So I'm totally done with being pathetic and not me… so many of the limitations are just gone. I am starting to remember when I had a much greater sense of a different reality – so I can see all the things I gave up (including me) and also sense more of what can be possible now, way beyond those original perceptions… very fun! And of course there is my body – beautiful body – wow it's like having a new body. So much more of everything" - Lisa
"It amazes me how you just keep gifting to all of us without giving up on us (more than occasionally , no matter how stubbornly we hold on to our crap). You have totally shifted my world and I have no words to describe it really. You have helped me to open up to energies that I knew existed, but wasn't able to receive before."
- Hanna
"Just wanted to let you know I woke up this morning at 6 jumped out of bed with my body on, it felt light and free and I had been up till 1.30 the night before working. My body has so much energy running through it and a peaceful happiness that exudes through my entire being and all that I do. Thank you."
- Liam

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